Who is "Starlit" for? 

This is a movie for anyone who's been called their family's wild child. 

This is a movie for people who've been told they need to focus.

This is a movie for people who are still getting lectures from their parents or judgy older siblings way past the age they figured those would stop.

This is a movie for dreamers. 

This is a movie for people who are finding their passion.

This is a movie for people who love stargazing, nature, long hikes, swimming holes and mountain peaks.

This is a movie for people who follow their heart.

This movie is for moms who worry about their daughters dying of misadventures like Amy Winehouse did.   


"Evolution intended us to be travelers…
Settlement for any length of time, in cave or castle, has at best been… a drop in the ocean of evolutionary time."
               - The Anatomy of Restlessness

"La evolución nos destino a ser viajeros…
El asentamiento por cualquier período de tiempo, en una cueva o en un castillo, en el mejor de los casos ha sido… una gota en el océano del tiempo evolutivo."

Starlit Produced by Adventurous Pictures, LLC.

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