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"Above The Line"

"Above-the-line" refers to the list of individuals who guide and influence the creative direction, process, and voice of a film and related expenditures. These roles include but are not limited to the screenwriterproducerdirector, and principal actors.

Kerry Borchardt


Kerry Borchardt started out making 8mm home movies as a kid before reckoning with the perplexing inconsistencies between the theories of relativity and quantum physics. He obtained his graduate degree in physics from the University of Michigan and after following a career in computer programming, Kerry has returned to the arts, producing a weekly local public access cable program and now writing the story for and producing Starlit.


Starlit is a synthesis of themes and ideas that have been important to Kerry across his life: a love of the outdoors, a firmly-held belief that money can't buy happiness, and a drive to follow his passions counterbalanced by seeing too many friends and relatives dying young by taking undue risks.

Like his protagonist, Kerry has a mild case of ADHD and freely confesses that his creative style can be similarly hyperactive. He hopes to pen a sequel that deals with time machines.

Nancy Rubel

Co - Producer

Nancy Rubel is an American-born actress, producer and director who lives in the Hudson Valley, New York. She has played many different roles and can be very diverse in her acting skills. She is most famous for the movies Late Phases, Starlit and I Dream Too Much. While Nancy has been a part of big name productions in the Hudson Valley on screen and behind the camera, her main love and focus is on independent films and helping out the local film and TV community. She is willing to travel and to give 110% to any project she commits to.

Adam Bertocci


Adam Bertocci is an award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter working in and around New York. He's written everything from offbeat quirkiness to dark drama to a children's comedy starring Mickey Rooney, but is best known as the author of the Shakespearean mashup Two Gentlemen of Lebowski, published by Simon & Schuster.

Seth Jacobson


Seth has more than two decades of theater, film, and TV experience, and has produced, directed and edited hundreds of video projects of different genres and for the various media platform from narrative and documentary feature films to commercials, reality shows, music videos and most everything in between. This is the first time he has edited a long form narrative from soap to nuts but he is very grateful he has had this opportunity.


He is also an active member of the Directors of New York Workshop (DNYC) and the New York Editors Collective. He has worked with clients from the UN, UNF, USARMY, NFL, MTV, USPS, and most recently German tv’s 3sat. He also has been regularly teaching post-production for over seven years at

Seth is a passionate New Yorker, with a sophisticated taste for jazz, hip-hop, and a crazy obsession for physical fitness — you will sometimes find him draining 3-pointers at the East Village's Tompkins Square Park. So, lace your Converse to the max – and challenge him to some one-on-one.  We dare you!

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