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Jessica's Mom

Played by Liz Chuday

Born in Taiwan to American parents, Liz Chuday has a multi-ethnic look and wide range, playing roles from CIA operative to soccer mom. With roots in community theater, she has appeared as a reporter in HBO’s VEEP; walked the runway for Bloomingdale’s; is the face of National Realty Investment Association; sung the national anthem ensemble at a pro soccer game; and won lead roles in films including Savior, which was named Best Picture at numerous film festivals. She won awards for Improv and Scene Study at the Global Stars Network event in the Bahamas and will travel anywhere, anytime for “The Craft.”

Sarah Alvarez

Played by Lara Alcantara Lansberg

Lara Alcantara Lansberg is a trained photographer and actor from NYU and Bard College. Appearing in various independent films since 2015, she has taken a true love for independent filmmaking. Trained at Lee Strasberg, Beverly Hills Playhouse in LA with Mancini and coaches privately with Michael Luggio. Lara is now in a web series called Through Your Eyes and also in the upcoming movie The Bite.


Played by Jess Stark

Jess Stark is an actress/writer from Anchorage, Alaska who studies at MN Acting Studio in New York. When not working in films she's creating her own work and annoying her cat. Currently she is in post-production on her web project, 'Car Share Chronicles'.

Aunt Viva (Swann's Mom)

Played by Nancy Rubel

Nancy Rubel is an American-born actress, producer and director who lives in the Hudson Valley, New York. She has played many different roles and can be very diverse in her acting skills. She  is most famous for the movies Late Phases, Starlit and I Dream Too Much. While Nancy has been a part of big name productions in the Hudson Valley on screen and behind the camera, her main love and focus is on independent films and helping out the local film and TV community. She is willing to travel and to give 110% to any project she commits to.

Jimmy Alvarez

Played by John Kroner

John was born and raised in Bergen County, NJ. He's studied at HB Studio and with other numerous acting coaches growing up. He found his passion for acting through movies but has recently found a love for theater as well. John has been acting at two different colleges in Bergen County for a few years, playing the lead roles in many of the productions at both. He is excited to explore the vast world of acting more after he graduates college.

Jessica's Nana

Played by Bettina Paley

Bettina Paley's television credits include leading roles in Sony's Christmas Cats TV (Wacky Cat Lady) and

in the Dead of Night series:  "Misfortune Teller" (Sylvia).  She has been featured on Law and Order and several television shows and commercials. Her best-known theater roles are Agnes in I Do! I Do! and Melba in Pal Joey.  Her cabaret concerts have been presented at corporations, civic groups, and venues in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.


Bettina Paley can be contacted at

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