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Student 2

Played by Morgan Marinia

Student 1

Played by Anna Miressi

Anna Miressi has a Bachelors degree in Theatre Arts from SUNY New Paltz. She has performed in many mediums including comedy troupes, improv, musical theater, and Film/TV. She is currently working as an actor and performer in the scenic Hudson Valley, NY.

The Red Head

Played by Helen Stevens

Helen Stevens is a Canadian/American actress.  She was born and raised in rural Alberta and as an adult fought her way to New York city.  

Biker Bill

Played by William Pereira Rubel

Biker Bill's Special Lady

Played by Nancy Rubel

Nancy Rubel , is an American born Actress , Producer and Director that lives in the Hudson Valley New York. She has played many different  roles and can be very diverse in her acting skills. She  is most famous for the movie "Late Phases", " Starlit" and " I dream to much". While Nancy  has been a part of big name productions in the Hudson Valley in front of the screen and behind the camera,  her main love and focus is on independent films and helping out the local film and TV community. She is willing to travel and to give 110% to any project she commits to.

Young Jessica

Played by Jordan Dougherty

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