Every family has a wild child.

A romantic adventure with humor and heart.

Genre: Female-driven, coming-of-age, road movie

Project Status: Post

Run Time: 96 minutes

Language: English, Spanish, Spanglish

Region Produced In: Hudson Valley, NY, Maine and Argentina

Shooting: 4K

Current Completion Stage: working on final sound mix

Logline: Free-spirited Jessica ditches her bland fiancé and safe corporate job for a summer on the road with a bad-boy mechanic—who may be too good to be true.


Synopsis: Jessica Alvarez is twenty-four and bored. She craves independence and adventure; what she has is an MBA, a safe corporate gig, a steady supply of ADHD pills, a bland boyfriend and a suffocating mother. Then she meets a mechanic who steals her heart. They hit the road, hiking the Appalachian Trail by day and stargazing at night. But is he too good to be true?